From newbies to seriously serious yogis, we've got you covered.

We offer classes throughout the day, 7 days a week,to help you get your fix when ya need it.

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Studio Schedule

Class Types

Base Hatha

A classic hot yoga practice designed to create steadiness and focus using foundational poses held for 5-8 breaths. Great for beginners and seasoned yogis alike. A tried, tested, and true yoga fix.


38 - 40 degrees


Base Flow

Find your flow state. Link movement with breath in this steady tempo all levels “vinyasa” class that gets you hitting all of the sweet spots; opening, strengthening, balancing, twisting, back bending, grounding, and stretching. This class will follow a similar structure each time so you know what to expect.


38 degrees


Move & Melt

Also affectionally known as “Mobility Maintenance”. The name says it all, a feel-good chill blend of gentle yoga flows and plenty of ground stretching. This class is focused on flexibility and mobility and is a great option for those looking to recover from sport or sitting at a desk.


36 degrees


Peak Flow

A creative flow that is intelligently designed to open your body and mind. For those looking for a little variety on their mat; this class lets you explore new sequences and play with challenging poses.


32 - 34 degrees


Peak Power

Not a yoga class. Simple yet demanding, this class integrates bodyweight callisthenics with yoga poses that strengthen and lengthen. Work as hard as you want to but expect to be challenged as you move to some great beats.


30 - 32 degrees



Think long holds and deep stretches. This class is all about resting while improving flexibility, mobility and taking a load off of your nervous system.


36 degrees


Find your perfect class

Most less than perfect yoga experiences are a result of a mismatch between what you want, and the class type you attend. Much like going to a Mexican restaurant when you are craving Pho (speaking of which, when is Pet getting a Pho place?). Take this quiz to see what classes are a good fit for you.

Studio etiquette

We don’t really like rules, so we put down only the essentials.


We don’t allow latecomers. To make sure you make it to class please arrive 10-15 minutes before class starts.

Please sign in at the front desk even if you signed in online.

Please respect our silence in the practice room no talking and absolutely no phones.

If you need to leave the yoga room give your teacher a thumbs up so they know you are alright. If you need a break, rest in child’s pose or savasana.